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Monday, May 3, 2010

PURPLE ROSE our May Dyehard of the Month - she's 86 years old!

"Purple Rose" Paull " is possibly the oldest MANIC PANIC Dyehard we've ever encountered. Please visit our website to read the lovely poem she wrote about how coloring her hair changed her life.
Rose herself writes us this story on how she achieved her purple hair:
"My late husband, Harold, was hit by a car in Florida about 12 years ago. The woman ran over him two times and luckily her survived! Perhaps because he was fat. After one year, when he was full recovered, my family and I decided to give thanks to the Lord and gave a donation to the poor through our synagogue. My daughter-in-law, who was a Rabbi in the recontructionist denomination, said it was not enough because when God shows up in the synagogue he (or she) will have to recognize our family of women so we have to dye our hair purple! She brought MANIC PANIC PURPLE HAZE® back from Philadelphia and purple we all became.
Needless to say, it caused quite a riot in the synagogue. But the Lord recognized us and my husband went on to enjoy good health for a few more years and I NEVER TURNED BACK! MANIC PANIC PURPLE HAZE® is my constant companion."
Her daughter-in-law attests: "She went from being " just a little old lady", to a "grande ole glamour dame". She now has a complete purple wardrobe nail polish , clothing jewelry and even the cane! Her new name is " Purple Rose." People don't know what to make of her, she ignores those that take a second look as if they cant believe what they are seeing. She love it when young people come up to her in the mall and say " Wow" I want to be like that when I get older" or "You are such a great grandma, will you be mine as well?"
She loves what Manic Panic has done for her look, wardrobe and most of all her spirit. She makes true fashion statement. She shows everyone that you can remain young at heart- even into your eighties!"