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Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's always HOT when it comes to MANIC PANIC® in the 'zines!

The warm days of summer may be drawing to an end but it's always HOT when it comes to MANIC PANIC® in the 'zines!

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OUT MAGAZINE August 2013. "Grooming Dyehard" is a full page homage to Manic Panic® Dyehard Dudes complete with coloring tips by an expert. Joseph Mullen, color director for Woodley & Bunny salon, shares his expertise on using Manic Panic® Flashlightning® Bleach and High Voltage™ Hair Color. Check out the celebrity Dyehards in this article!
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THE DAPIFER Fall 2013. Dyehard® Gel makes high fashion headlines! Stylist Keila Stone used Manic Panic® Dyehard® Gel in Electric Sky™ and Pretty Flamingo™ on Coco & Breezy who are not only gorgeous models but also famous sunglass designers.

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International News! South Africa's ultra hip and trendy KULTUR MAGAZINE July cover girl is Manic Panic® Dyehard, model Nea Dune in her trademark Voodoo Blue™ Hair Color. Full cover is a must see! You may even be tempted to get the magazine just for the free poster.
See more of Nea on the home page of our website.
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Above: NYLON MAGAZINE August 2013
The Denim issue tells it like it is: blue blue blue is hot hot hot! "Got The Blues" features Manic Panic® Blue hair color to match your blue accessories.
Below: TIMEOUT NYC 8/6/13 
"Trend watch: Glow - black light reactive beauty products" featuring Electric Lizard™ Amplified hair color and Cotton Candy™ Pink Classic Cream hair color, 2 of the Manic Panic® colors that glow under black light!

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