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Sunday, June 13, 2010

There's color in the stars!

"Pop stars seem to be going full circle to bright, vibrant Manic Panic hues. Rihanna debuted a bright red bowl cut at a concert in Brazil, while buddy Katy Perry walked the MTV Movie Awards carpet with a royal blue Betty Page style."
It's great to see that celebs are giving us some color...MANIC PANIC style! Those natural looks can be so d-r-a-b. How sexy and exciting do these ladies look? Last month it was Jared Leto with a Red Passion mohawk. Bold style is back - the future is now!
Live Fast and DYE your Hair

June is for Brides!

Carly, our MANIC PANIC June Dyehard of the month, got married in her favorite hair color, Vampire Red. She co-ordinated the flowers, nails, lipstick and the bridesmaids dresses to match her stunning hair color.