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Monday, August 8, 2011

Noteworthy news: Katy Perry and Dip Dye

It seems that the exquisite chanteuese Katy Perry has joined her pop diva sistahs Rihanna/ Lady Gaga/ Cyndi Lauper and taken the MANIC PANIC Hair Color plunge. Leave it to NYLON be the first to spread the hot news. Celebrities in their full MANIC PANIC glamour show us all that we too can look like a superstar - all it takes is a lil 4 ounce jar of fabulousness. Thank you Tish & Snooky!
Here's link to the blog
There's a hot trend seen not just on models on the runways but on hip every day people from all walks of life: MANIC PANIC hair color dip dyeing! Many galz (and dudes) with lighter hair are tipping the ends with a variety of colors. The more the merrier! It is a subtle look that marries sophistication with a hint of wild style. One word: FIERCE!
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