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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At last....Fragrances by Tish & Snooky!

Tish and Snooky at last have created their very own tantalizing fragrances. These unique essential oils are reflections of their own personalities.

Snooky's perfume is a blend of two of nature's most intoxicating flowers grown in Hawaii, Plumeria and Pikake. "An exotic, free-spirited floral blend," says Snooky.
Tish's perfume contains vetiver, the root of a tropical grass native to India, Indonesia and Java. It has a clean woody aroma complemented by citrus. Mixed with secret ingredients this fragrance is spicy and fiery, like Tish!

They come in a roll on bottle and a little goes a long way! Right now I am wearing "Snooky" and I get tons of compliments on it. The smell is super sweet and lovely, but not overpowering like some perfume. All I did was place a tiny dab behind my ears and on my neck and it lasts all day.

Tish's fragrance is more dramatic. Very sexy and compelling. New York Nightlife meets New Orleans Voodoo! Couldn't have said it any better. 

The packaging is way cute. Each purse size fragrance comes with a black rose dipped in a special blend of MANIC PANIC's own glitter jewels. The bottles are embellished with rhinestones and glitter, and packed in a matching bag with a gift tag signed by Snooky or Tish. 1/3 fl. oz. 10 ml.

These make great gifts for the holidays!
You can order them from MANIC PANIC webstore
- Gooby/Manic Panic Webmistress 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Vegan Vampyre

This Halloween season we celebrate the VEGAN VAMPYRE™ with this incredible gift set. It's a happy day when these ethereal beings are free to be their fabulous preternatural selves while causing no harm to animals or any other living creatures. Thanks to synthetic digestible True Blood they needn't go hungry, and thanks to MANIC PANIC® Vegan formula hair color and cosmetics they won't roam around looking plain as day.
The VEGAN VAMPYRE™ is available to you 365 days a year.
VEGAN VAMPYRE™ Gift Set includes:
VAMPIRE™ RED CLASSIC CREAM HAIR COLOR.  MANIC PANIC® semi-permanent VEGAN formula hair color is seen on more famous heads now in the year 2011 than the punk days of 1977, the year that Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC® NYC was born!
VIRGIN™ DREAMTONE™ This fine, oil free foundation is a favorite of Goths. A lightweight dreamy makeup that not only gives you an alabaster glow but also neutralizes skin tones and uneven skin.
VIRGIN™ PRESSED POWDER COMPACT The ultimate pressed powder designed specifically for those who desire a whiter shade of pale. This two level compact is decorated with silver dripping letters, jewels, bats and lilies. A superior silky white makeup that covers your skin like a piece of silk. Who can't leave home without it? Marilyn Manson.
RAVEN ™ POWDER SHADOW  The blackest of the black eyeshadows. This dense matte powder can be blended from a light shadow to a bold stroke, giving you the smokenest of the smokey eyes.
BLACK ROSE Straight from the MANIC PANIC® garden of unearthly delights. No plants were harmed - this rose is made of silky fabric and requires no watering, just a special place close to your heart.
Packaged in an attractive reusable coffin box (great for storing your jewels, bat wings and fangs) with decorative filler.

(gargoyle not included)

Item #: COL56021


Monday, August 8, 2011

Noteworthy news: Katy Perry and Dip Dye

It seems that the exquisite chanteuese Katy Perry has joined her pop diva sistahs Rihanna/ Lady Gaga/ Cyndi Lauper and taken the MANIC PANIC Hair Color plunge. Leave it to NYLON be the first to spread the hot news. Celebrities in their full MANIC PANIC glamour show us all that we too can look like a superstar - all it takes is a lil 4 ounce jar of fabulousness. Thank you Tish & Snooky!
Here's link to the blog
There's a hot trend seen not just on models on the runways but on hip every day people from all walks of life: MANIC PANIC hair color dip dyeing! Many galz (and dudes) with lighter hair are tipping the ends with a variety of colors. The more the merrier! It is a subtle look that marries sophistication with a hint of wild style. One word: FIERCE!
Check out Teen Vogue.com

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NY Times Fashion & Style report: ‘Shock Locks’ Leave Punk Behind

July 21, 2011 New York Times Fashion and Style presents a full page report on colored hair, featuring MANIC PANIC!
The article states that colored hair has found its way into the main stream, that it's not just for punks anymore. It is lovely to read how people from all walks of life are expressing themselves through their (MANIC PANIC) hair color.
Celebrity hair stylists say their customers are influenced by performers like "Nicki Minaj, Hayley Williams and Katy Perry, all of whom have gone bright in one fashion or another." Also reported is a trend of streaking and tipping with MANIC PANIC hair color.

Read the full article on the web.

Accompanying the article is a slammin' slide show that is not to be missed!

View the slideshow with even more photos!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pink is for boys!

Presenting clothing designer Chris Benz, the "new face of American fashion." His coiffure is as important to him as haute couture. He is famous for his neon MANIC PANIC® hair colors.
On the subject of his hair color, Chris told New York Magazine: "I don't have any tattoos and I don't have any piercings either, I feel like it's not permanent, so I can change it again and again".

From his bio we learn that he once interned with Marc Jacobs, another MANIC PANIC® celebrity dyehard, well-known for sporting purple,green, blue hair "back in the day". (Perhaps Marc Jacobs educated Chris in the ways of MANIC PANIC®?)

Chris currently has a full head of Cotton Candy™ Pink and has been appearing all over the internet talking about his hair.

Check out these press clippings: 

One thing is certain: he looks stunning in his pink hair! Fashionistas take note.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lady in Blue - Atomic Turquoise!

More stunning work from the CUT Team in Serbia! The Creative Urban Team uses MANIC PANIC Hair Color and cosmetics to create these incredible styles. They write us: 

The hair was bleached with AMPLIFIED FLASHLIGHTNING. After washing out the bleach, hair was divided into several sections, and hair dye was applied on each section. Shishalica used 3 bottles of classic cream formula Atomic Turquoise. After leaving it on hair for 30 minutes dye was rinsed and than another 3 bottles of AMPLIFIED Turquoise mixed with very little AMPLIFIED Shocking Blue were applied on hair. After 30 minutes dye was rinsed. Dye had to be applied twice for achieving color intensity and vibrance. Extensions applied on hair were also dyed with same process. After dyeing hair was cut and styled, and there were several hairstylings for this photo shoot created by Milica Shishalica and Marijana Gligic photographer.

Make Up
We used great Manic Panic make up product to finish up the whole look. 
Mix of two foundations was used on face:

Dreamtone foundation and Moonlight Dreamtone foundation

Bad Boy Blue - Coffin Dust

Mermaid - Lust Dust

Raven - Spider Liner

Friday, June 17, 2011

Men in Blue

Actor, rocker Jared Leto

Fat Mike from NOFX

King Vernon


Cool dudes who aren't afraid to stand out in the crowd. 
Live FAST and DYE Your Hair MANIC PANIC®

Thursday, June 16, 2011

MANIC PANIC® Hair Color is PPD Free!

You may know that MANIC PANIC® Hair Color is the best semi-permanent hair color with Vegan ingredients available in a variety of astounding in-your-face wild electrifying colors some that even glow under black light.

What you may NOT know is that MANIC PANIC® Hair Color is PPD free.

If you suffer from allergies, this is a huge issue for you.

Read this testimonial from a grateful Dyehard:

"I had been dying my hair for several years with drugstore dyes and at the salon when suddenly, when I turned twenty-one, I developed a pretty severe allergy to PPD and black pigment. If I use permanent dyes containing PPD my ENTIRE BODY (not just the places where the dye touches) bursts into massive clusters of blotchy itchy blistery hives (unsexy). They feel like your entire body is covered in a million mosquito bites! I would NEVER wish this on my worst enemy!

This allergy became a huge pain as I hate my natural colour and my husband LOVED when I dyed my hair black. Enter Manic Panic to the rescue!

Manic Panic is virtually the ONLY dye I can use these days without risking breaking out in hivepocalypse due to dye allergies. I have NEVER had any sort of allergic reaction to it. Manic Panic came to the rescue the day of my wedding on 10/18/10 and my husband was ecstatic to see me walking down the aisle with black hair (Courtesy of Manic Panic’s “Raven”).

It is by far the easiest dye to work with and lasts WAY longer than the “hypoalergenic” dyes that most health supplement shops tend to sell.. and at nearly half the price!

Thank you Tish & Snooky for keeping my hair as dark as the night sky and my body hive-free!"

- Sarah

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beauty on beauty with foils

"I first used Manic Panic ® (Flashlightning®) hair bleach to lighten the ends of my hair. I used foil pieces to separate the three colors: Hot Hot™ Pink,
Enchanted Forest™, and Ultra™ Violet. After the color was in, I heated the foil wrapped ends with a blow dryer and let sit for 30 minutes. I rinsed with cold water and conditioner. The foil pieces were key. It allowed me to really choose where the color went. Some strands are even two-toned, half pink - half purple. I LOVE the result and it matches my favorite lipsticks!" - Abby, Manic Panic® Dyehard

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snooky & Tish Perform at Chiller Theater Expo 4/29-5/1

Snooky and Tish will be appearing all weekend 4/29- 5/1 at the Chiller Theater Expo at the Hilton Parsippany, Parsippany, NJ!!

Click on the pic above to take you to the main page for further info!

Don't miss Snooky and Tish appearing all weekend and performing with Blue Coupe on Saturday night. Blue Coupe consists of original Alice Cooper member and Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee Dennis Dunaway, and Albert and Joe Bouchard, former members of Blue Oyster Cult. Too many additional special guests to mention here, but definitely something to interest the whole family! Check out the list of special guests here. A great weekend, with great music, stars, and fun, guaranteed for all!

We hope to see you there!

Live Fast and Dye Your Hair!
Snooky & Tish

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RED Manic Panic Glamour - all over the world!

Hair stylist Milica Shishalica and photographer Marijana Gligic -
The sensational styling team from Serbia - have done it again! This time they have really outdone themselves with a special mix of Manic Panic Colors on hair cut in a stupendous geometric style.The cosmetics used on the model are all Manic Panic.
The CUT Team wrote us: "To achieve color intensity we used 2 jars of Pillarbox Red and one Wildfire. We bleached the hair for 30 minutes to achieve desired lightness so that red dyes could reach their full intensity. After bleach was washed out with water, Shishalica applied mix of red color dyes, which were on hair for 40 minutes, and than rinsed it out.
After dyeing, the hair cutting took place. Shishalica made some geometric and asymmetric hair cuts for this photo shoot. Than she finished with some styling, giving a final shape to hair."
As for the make up:
"We used great Manic Panic make up products to finish up the whole look.
A mix of two foundations were used on face:
•Virgin Dreamtone foundation
•Moonlight Dreamtone foundation
•Flawless Concealer
•Marilyn Red lipstick
•Paris Paris Glam lashes
•Raven-Spider Liner
(click on the product names to learn more)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blood & Snow, MANIC PANIC Make Up by MoonWitch

This lovely from Italy created a YouTube video using Manic Panic products.

The look is called Blood & Snow - by MoonWitch. Watch the video to see the lovely MoonWitch and her makeup expertise!

The Manic Panic products she used were:

Goth White Foundation by Manic Panic
Virgin Pressed Powder White by Manic Panic
Vampire Red Blush/Eyeshadow by Manic Panic
Eyeshadow "Wildfire" by Manic Panic
Spider Liner "Raven" by Manic Panic

(Check our website for more great products at great prices!)

And I think you'll all agree that MoonWitch is not only talented makeup artist, but gorgeous as well!

If you've created a YouTube tutorial using Manic Panic products, send it our way! We love seeing your creative uses for our products, and who knows maybe we'll feature you here on our blog!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gigantic Salon Size Bottles of AMPLFIED Hair Color on Sale to the Public

Now available to the public GIGANTIC Salon Size 8oz B0ttles 0f Amplified hair color at the 4oz jar price!!

You get twice as much in a cool squeeze bottle with a flip up locking cap!

What a great way to keep your color fresh without having to constantly buy the 4oz sizes! Get your friends to pick them up to, and mix and match to make new exciting colors! (Don't forget to send us pics -- we love pics of our Diehards and may even feature you!)

Click on the photo above to take you directly to the order page and get yours before they go!

HUGE Sale on MANIC PANIC Hair Colors and Colorizing Shampoos!

Take advantage of this massive sale going on right now! Mix and match 3 items for $10, or 1 item for $5! At these prices you can afford to build up a Manic Panic hair dye wardrobe!

Click on the photo above to take you to the order page.
Items included in sale:

Color Fiend: Temporary Hair Color -- try before you commit!

High Voltage Colorizing Shampoo -- Keep your Manic Panic Color vibrant!

Hair Color Gel -- Same Manic Panic dye in easy to use gel form!

Emily the Strange Amplified Hair Color -- Go for the extreme, amplified colors that really stand out and LAST!

Just enter the code: "mix n' match" when checking out and the discount will be applied when we process your order!

Sale ends June 1, 2011 so order soon for best availability!

(within the 48 States of the Continental USA)

What new colors will you choose?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Get RED-dy for a red hot pink purple blue green summer of COLOR!

Can you guess her secret? Only her hairdresser knows for sure!
Stylist to the stars Anthony Leonard from Oribé called us about his client RIHANNA's fantastic spread in the April 2011 issue of Vogue magazine. Mr. Palermo confirms he used several shades of MANIC PANIC Hair Color on the super star. She has her own secret mix of MANIC PANIC colors and not even Tish and Snooky know exactly what that is. One thing is certain: Rihanna has become an icon for her generation and the phones at Manic Panic headquarters are already ringing off the hook with people asking for that Rihanna Red!
We see more and more custom blending and multicolored Manic Panic hair colors than ever before. Why be satisfied with just one color? Why use a color straight from the jar when you can mix your very own custom blend? Check out our April Dyehard of the
Month, Renata. A public school teacher from Minnesota who delights her students with her multi-colored Manic Panic® styles. She even lets them vote on which colors she should do next! (You can see more of Renata on the Manic Panic® website).
In the world of fashion we have some hot news.... model Charlotte Free with pink hair! We were excited to open up the 3/27/11 Sunday edition of the New York Times and see this full color photo of the model proudly (and beautifully, I might add) showing her colors!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring is coming and it's time to DYE!

This year we decided to try something new at MANIC PANIC: we ran a contest for the cover of the 2011 catalog. We posted it on our website and facebook and got loads of replies. It was a very tough decision, but we finally chose the winner (pictured left) with her fantastic MANIC multi-colored long tresses. We received incredible entries from all over the world. How could we not include some them? This year's edition of the MANIC PANIC product catalog is chock full of Dyehards in all their splendor. You can get groovy fashion and hair coloring ideas from the models in the catalog. The catalog is available in CD format just write to catalog@manicpanic.com to request one free of charge.
One of the contestants that immediately caught our eye is the CUT Team (Creative Urban Team) from Serbia. Hairstylist Milica Shishalica and photographer Marijana Gligic work together to create sensational styles using MANIC PANIC Hair Color and Cosmetics. MANIC PANIC is so impressed with these girls (all the way from Serbia!) that we have given them an Artists Sponsorship for 2011 and look forward to seeing more of their work. You can view their page on our site here. Here is one of their models who appears in the 2011 catalog, titled "Purple Rose" (not to be confused with our darling Purple Rose the 86 year old MANIC PANIC dyehard from May 3rd blog LOL).
Tish and Snooky have been busy selecting new cosmetics for Spring and Summer as well as performing regularly. Just last week they played a gig with their punk band the Sic F*cks in New York City and were guest vocalists with the band Blue Coup at a show and live video shoot in upstate New York. Blue Coup just happens to be members of Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard on drums/vocals, Joe Bouchard on guitar/vocals) and Alice Cooper (Dennis Dunaway on bass/vocals.).They play a heady mixture of Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper. How cool is THAT???? The videos are being edited at this moment. Look forward to seeing clips on manicpanic.com. In the meantime there is a vid on our homepage from the movie "Alone in the Dark" - vintage Tish & Snooky and the Sic F*cks in a major motion picture from the 80's!
Tish and Snooky show their appreciation and enthusiasm other musicians by sponsoring several acts, one notable is Alissa White-Gluz from the metal band The Agonist. Based in Canada, this lovely lady is touring the world and will be doing promotions for Peta and lots of exciting stuff. She appears on our website homepage wearing MANIC PANIC synthetic 18 inch Glam Strips in Virgin™ in the awesome photo below. Did I mention that she is also wearing MANIC PANIC Cosmetics
Spider Liner (her fave), Lust Dusts, and After Midnight Blue hair color?
ALSO: I have to say that every time I pick up a magazine I see another superstar sporting MANIC PANIC Hair Color! Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto - I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! We are making the world a more colorful place! Our facebook is bombarded with GORGEOUS photos of Dyehards (see our tagged photos) and every day we get more and more via email. Spring is coming - soon we will see blooms - school will be OUT - IT'S TIME TO DYE!
- xoxoxo Gooby the MANIC PANIC webmistress