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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Vegan Vampyre

This Halloween season we celebrate the VEGAN VAMPYRE™ with this incredible gift set. It's a happy day when these ethereal beings are free to be their fabulous preternatural selves while causing no harm to animals or any other living creatures. Thanks to synthetic digestible True Blood they needn't go hungry, and thanks to MANIC PANIC® Vegan formula hair color and cosmetics they won't roam around looking plain as day.
The VEGAN VAMPYRE™ is available to you 365 days a year.
VEGAN VAMPYRE™ Gift Set includes:
VAMPIRE™ RED CLASSIC CREAM HAIR COLOR.  MANIC PANIC® semi-permanent VEGAN formula hair color is seen on more famous heads now in the year 2011 than the punk days of 1977, the year that Tish & Snooky’s MANIC PANIC® NYC was born!
VIRGIN™ DREAMTONE™ This fine, oil free foundation is a favorite of Goths. A lightweight dreamy makeup that not only gives you an alabaster glow but also neutralizes skin tones and uneven skin.
VIRGIN™ PRESSED POWDER COMPACT The ultimate pressed powder designed specifically for those who desire a whiter shade of pale. This two level compact is decorated with silver dripping letters, jewels, bats and lilies. A superior silky white makeup that covers your skin like a piece of silk. Who can't leave home without it? Marilyn Manson.
RAVEN ™ POWDER SHADOW  The blackest of the black eyeshadows. This dense matte powder can be blended from a light shadow to a bold stroke, giving you the smokenest of the smokey eyes.
BLACK ROSE Straight from the MANIC PANIC® garden of unearthly delights. No plants were harmed - this rose is made of silky fabric and requires no watering, just a special place close to your heart.
Packaged in an attractive reusable coffin box (great for storing your jewels, bat wings and fangs) with decorative filler.

(gargoyle not included)

Item #: COL56021


1 comment:

  1. This is real cool !!!!!!! i would definitely get one semi permanent hair color this season.