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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A great woman: Estelle Bellomo, Tish & Snooky's mom

NYC Thursday February 21: The acclaimed School of Visual Arts held its annual awards ceremony for the ESTELLE BELLOMO AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ART THERAPY. Tish & Snooky pose with Suzanne Deisher, the 2013 award recipient. This award was established in 1994 in memory of Estelle Bellomo, founder of the Art Therapy Department at SVA. 

Our beloved Estelle Bellomo, mother of Tish & Snooky and great artist, was the creative genius who named "MANIC PANIC." We are grateful to Estelle for raising two daughters in an artistic environment which supported their ingenuity and encouraged them to live their dreams.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It doesn't get any more New York than this!

Meet the new Manic Panic NYC® skully! She has been crowned with liberty spikes to honor the city that made her and the town she loves so much. Her image can be seen on background wallpaper on the Manic Panic® website. Soon you will see her on the new packaging of Manic Panic® Glamnation™ Cosmetics and more.
Tish & Snooky created her to symbolize the freedom they grew up with being born and bred in New York City. They expressed their creativity at a young age, singing in rock bands (like the first Blondie lineup) and opening up the original Manic Panic shop which was America's first punk boutique. The dream of having a business sharing the things they love with the world came true for the sisters. Remaining true to their rock'n' roll roots has always been a part of that vision.
Tonight the segment of New York Originals featuring Tish & Snooky and the story Manic Panic® aired on television for the second time.
 The book of the same title continues to receive praises.

This past Friday, the girls joined Village Voice writer Michael Musto for his "sold-out Disco Extravaganza" 54 BELOW. This venue is actually located in the very same building as the famous Studio 54.
As Cindy Adams would say, "only in New York, folks, only in New York".

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Green is the hot color for 2013!

The big news: According to the ‘Pantone Color Institute‘ the colour research and information centre of Pantone, the global leader in colours, the colour of Spring 2013 is PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald Green.

As usual, Tish and Snooky are way ahead of the trend having selected a green haired beauty to grace the cover of the 2013 Manic Panic® product catalog. Our cover girl, the stunning Victoria Van Violence, sports Manic Panic® a mixture Green Envy™ Enchanted Forest™ High Voltage™ hair color.
Manic Panic® 2013 Catalog - you can download it from our website

According to Fashion Globe magazine: "Emerald is one of the most predominant colours in fashion. It is appropriate for every occasion – it makes every woman look marvelously elegant, it is perfect for everyday wear as well as for a special occasion. It is certainly not a coincidence that many celebrities opted for a rich emerald green hue on the red carpet at this year’s Oscar Academy Awards." This article features a  full color photo of jar of Manic Panic® Green Envy™.
Fashion Globe Spring 2013 Fashion Color Trend

Champion trend setters:
Our girl MilitiA, singer of Judas Priestess and Afro Punk mistress of ceremonies, has been stopping traffic coast to coast with her custom blend of Green Envy™ Enchanted Forest™ and Atomic Turquoise™.  UFC fighter Louis Gaudinot is known for his trademark Manic Panic® Green Envy™hair. He just received a 2013 sponsorship from Tish and Snooky and you will be hearing more about him.

Louis Gaudinot
Manic Panic® Dyehards® of the Month

Our February Dyehards® of the Month, siblings Christy and James, colored their hair Manic Panic® High Voltage™ Electric Lizard™ in honor of their dad and his fight against cancer. Be sure and read their heartwarming story on our website.