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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RED Manic Panic Glamour - all over the world!

Hair stylist Milica Shishalica and photographer Marijana Gligic -
The sensational styling team from Serbia - have done it again! This time they have really outdone themselves with a special mix of Manic Panic Colors on hair cut in a stupendous geometric style.The cosmetics used on the model are all Manic Panic.
The CUT Team wrote us: "To achieve color intensity we used 2 jars of Pillarbox Red and one Wildfire. We bleached the hair for 30 minutes to achieve desired lightness so that red dyes could reach their full intensity. After bleach was washed out with water, Shishalica applied mix of red color dyes, which were on hair for 40 minutes, and than rinsed it out.
After dyeing, the hair cutting took place. Shishalica made some geometric and asymmetric hair cuts for this photo shoot. Than she finished with some styling, giving a final shape to hair."
As for the make up:
"We used great Manic Panic make up products to finish up the whole look.
A mix of two foundations were used on face:
•Virgin Dreamtone foundation
•Moonlight Dreamtone foundation
•Flawless Concealer
•Marilyn Red lipstick
•Paris Paris Glam lashes
•Raven-Spider Liner
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