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Friday, April 15, 2011

Blood & Snow, MANIC PANIC Make Up by MoonWitch

This lovely from Italy created a YouTube video using Manic Panic products.

The look is called Blood & Snow - by MoonWitch. Watch the video to see the lovely MoonWitch and her makeup expertise!

The Manic Panic products she used were:

Goth White Foundation by Manic Panic
Virgin Pressed Powder White by Manic Panic
Vampire Red Blush/Eyeshadow by Manic Panic
Eyeshadow "Wildfire" by Manic Panic
Spider Liner "Raven" by Manic Panic

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And I think you'll all agree that MoonWitch is not only talented makeup artist, but gorgeous as well!

If you've created a YouTube tutorial using Manic Panic products, send it our way! We love seeing your creative uses for our products, and who knows maybe we'll feature you here on our blog!

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