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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring is coming and it's time to DYE!

This year we decided to try something new at MANIC PANIC: we ran a contest for the cover of the 2011 catalog. We posted it on our website and facebook and got loads of replies. It was a very tough decision, but we finally chose the winner (pictured left) with her fantastic MANIC multi-colored long tresses. We received incredible entries from all over the world. How could we not include some them? This year's edition of the MANIC PANIC product catalog is chock full of Dyehards in all their splendor. You can get groovy fashion and hair coloring ideas from the models in the catalog. The catalog is available in CD format just write to catalog@manicpanic.com to request one free of charge.
One of the contestants that immediately caught our eye is the CUT Team (Creative Urban Team) from Serbia. Hairstylist Milica Shishalica and photographer Marijana Gligic work together to create sensational styles using MANIC PANIC Hair Color and Cosmetics. MANIC PANIC is so impressed with these girls (all the way from Serbia!) that we have given them an Artists Sponsorship for 2011 and look forward to seeing more of their work. You can view their page on our site here. Here is one of their models who appears in the 2011 catalog, titled "Purple Rose" (not to be confused with our darling Purple Rose the 86 year old MANIC PANIC dyehard from May 3rd blog LOL).
Tish and Snooky have been busy selecting new cosmetics for Spring and Summer as well as performing regularly. Just last week they played a gig with their punk band the Sic F*cks in New York City and were guest vocalists with the band Blue Coup at a show and live video shoot in upstate New York. Blue Coup just happens to be members of Blue Oyster Cult (Albert Bouchard on drums/vocals, Joe Bouchard on guitar/vocals) and Alice Cooper (Dennis Dunaway on bass/vocals.).They play a heady mixture of Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper. How cool is THAT???? The videos are being edited at this moment. Look forward to seeing clips on manicpanic.com. In the meantime there is a vid on our homepage from the movie "Alone in the Dark" - vintage Tish & Snooky and the Sic F*cks in a major motion picture from the 80's!
Tish and Snooky show their appreciation and enthusiasm other musicians by sponsoring several acts, one notable is Alissa White-Gluz from the metal band The Agonist. Based in Canada, this lovely lady is touring the world and will be doing promotions for Peta and lots of exciting stuff. She appears on our website homepage wearing MANIC PANIC synthetic 18 inch Glam Strips in Virgin™ in the awesome photo below. Did I mention that she is also wearing MANIC PANIC Cosmetics
Spider Liner (her fave), Lust Dusts, and After Midnight Blue hair color?
ALSO: I have to say that every time I pick up a magazine I see another superstar sporting MANIC PANIC Hair Color! Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto - I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! We are making the world a more colorful place! Our facebook is bombarded with GORGEOUS photos of Dyehards (see our tagged photos) and every day we get more and more via email. Spring is coming - soon we will see blooms - school will be OUT - IT'S TIME TO DYE!
- xoxoxo Gooby the MANIC PANIC webmistress


  1. Manic Panic is the most popular bright hair color product. It is the most readily available in stores like Hot Topic or Sally's Beauty. The dye is semi-permanent and made from plant extract. That means the color will fade and wash out over time. There might be a specific color you want, but before making that choice, you might want to know which colors last the longest.
    A general rule about semi-permanent bright hair color: The darker the color the longer it will last. That's because a dark color will fade into the lighter colors and then fade completely out. A light color will just fade out. For example, a dark red will fade to lighter shades of red then pink (or orange depending on the beginning color) until the color is completely gone. It's recommended to use a dark color of the shade you want. Even if you really wanted pink, go with a darker pink. It will fade to the lighter pink you wanted and last longer.

    Some dark Manic Panic colors include Enchanted Forest (green), Rock 'n' Roll Red, Vampire Red, Fuschia Shock (pink) and Purple Haze.

    The longest lasting Manic Panic hair color: After Midnight Blue. The second best? Shocking Blue. Why the blues? Not really sure. After Midnight Blue, and the other Manic Panic blue colors, is made from indigo. A powerful plant dye has been used for centuries. Indigotin, the part that makes the blue, is not water soluble. That means it doesn't dissolve in water. When you wash your hair, the water isn't affecting the color. Only the shampoo will wash out some of the color. What's the main ingredient in shampoo? Water. With other Manic Panic hair dyes, sometimes color runs out as soon as the water hits your hair. The dark blue dyes can last months and months, while the others tend to fade in just weeks. That is a big difference.

    A warning about Manic Panic blue hair dyes: The blue dyes tend to stain your hair, especially if left in long enough to make the color last. That means it won't come out and acts more like permanent hair color. It won't stay as the vibrant blue you started with, but a faded, slightly greenish, blue. Don't forget your roots growing out, too, and you'll have an interesting head of hair. If you want to re-dye your hair a different color, you will have to use a color remover to get out some of the blue and then bleach your hair again. The blue will still be there, but will be a pretty light blue. You can dye over it, but that part of your hair will fade much faster than the bleached uncolored hair. That is, of course, unless you are dying your hair blue again. Then it will last longer.

    Ways to make Manic Panic hair color last: No matter the color you choose, there are a few things you can do to help make the color last. Leave the dye in your hair for as long as you can. Seriously, if you can sleep with the color in your hair, keep it in overnight. Six hours is not an unreasonable amount of time to leave in the hair color, especially the lighter colors that never last long. Blues, on the other hand, can be washed out in just a few hours and still last seemingly forever. Before washing out the dye, rinse your hair with white vinegar. It will help hold in the color, like when you dye an Easter egg and then dip it in vinegar. Every time you wash your hair, use cold water. Warm water tends to make the color wash out faster.

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