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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lady in Blue - Atomic Turquoise!

More stunning work from the CUT Team in Serbia! The Creative Urban Team uses MANIC PANIC Hair Color and cosmetics to create these incredible styles. They write us: 

The hair was bleached with AMPLIFIED FLASHLIGHTNING. After washing out the bleach, hair was divided into several sections, and hair dye was applied on each section. Shishalica used 3 bottles of classic cream formula Atomic Turquoise. After leaving it on hair for 30 minutes dye was rinsed and than another 3 bottles of AMPLIFIED Turquoise mixed with very little AMPLIFIED Shocking Blue were applied on hair. After 30 minutes dye was rinsed. Dye had to be applied twice for achieving color intensity and vibrance. Extensions applied on hair were also dyed with same process. After dyeing hair was cut and styled, and there were several hairstylings for this photo shoot created by Milica Shishalica and Marijana Gligic photographer.

Make Up
We used great Manic Panic make up product to finish up the whole look. 
Mix of two foundations was used on face:

Dreamtone foundation and Moonlight Dreamtone foundation

Bad Boy Blue - Coffin Dust

Mermaid - Lust Dust

Raven - Spider Liner


  1. Hrabro! Prelepo izgleda!

    prati me:)

  2. so sexy ! i just cant wait to get one !