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Monday, June 6, 2011

Beauty on beauty with foils

"I first used Manic Panic ® (Flashlightning®) hair bleach to lighten the ends of my hair. I used foil pieces to separate the three colors: Hot Hot™ Pink,
Enchanted Forest™, and Ultra™ Violet. After the color was in, I heated the foil wrapped ends with a blow dryer and let sit for 30 minutes. I rinsed with cold water and conditioner. The foil pieces were key. It allowed me to really choose where the color went. Some strands are even two-toned, half pink - half purple. I LOVE the result and it matches my favorite lipsticks!" - Abby, Manic Panic® Dyehard


  1. That's awesome! It'd be cool if you did some in your layers too and not just at the ends.

  2. That looks amazing! I wanna try that, i also love the colours she chose : )

  3. You did such a good job and look so cute in it! I just saw the same look the other day, here: http://pinterest.com/pin/62725897/

    And I was wondering how to determine where to place the colors. Could you give a little assistance? I read that some strands you did one color, and some two, but did you stagger every other strand, or keep a pattern, etc.? Since I haven't seen a shot where the hair is all perfectly hanging strait, it's hard to see how it was determined. Would love a little color guide. Thanks so much! & Happy Day!