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Friday, February 24, 2012

Manic Panic makes headlines in the Sunday New York Times Magazine!!!

The feature spread "Easter Bonnets" appeared in the New York Times Style Section of their 2/19/12 Sunday full color glossy gorgeous magazine! Written by Sandra Ballentine, the article features full page photos of models with pastel hair color styled by celebrity stylist Orlando Pita. Sandra writes: "Sick of fluorescent tips, dips, tie-dye and highlights, we turned to Orlando Pita and the color team from Orlo, his Manhattan salon, to take the radical color trend to the next level. His mandate: soft, allover pastels that would coordinate with the palest confections from the spring collections. It had to be radical yet refined, cool but chic."

The hair color: Manic Panic, of course! To quote Orlando: "First, the girls’ hair had to be taken to its lightest hue, and then color (from Manic Panic) added and adjusted. Pita’s shade secret? “Manic Panic colors start out quite bright, so we tweaked them with different percentages of black and white,” he says. The girls were a bit skittish at first, but by the end they loved their new locks and were reluctant to go back to their old colors — Tine Furre kept her candy-floss pink tresses for a week, years in model time."

The hair is classy and beautiful! Can you guess what Manic Panic colors Orlando used? If you guessed Lie Locks, Electric Banana®, Cotton™ Candy Pink + Virgin Snow™, and Bad Boy™ Blue - congratulations, you know your Manic Panic.

Here's a link to the full article on the New York Times blog.

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