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Sunday, May 5, 2013

7 new Manic Panic® High Voltage Hair Colors + Pastel-izer are here for Spring!

BLUE MOON™ is a color that will make you swoon. It is bright, vibrant, and close to Cobalt Blue. Chances are you won’t be standing alone when you wear this fun color!
CLEO ROSE™ is named after a sensational British actress from the 1960’s who was Europe’s answer to Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. This shade of pink magenta is as beautiful and glamorous as its namesake. CLEO ROSE™, a dear friend and inspiration of Tish and Snooky, is a HOT new color for today’s super stars.

MANIC MIXER/PASTEL-IZER™ is a revolutionary, colorless cream specially formulated to "pastel-ize” any shade of Manic Panic® cream hair dye. MANIC MIXER/PASTEL-IZER™ is ideal for creating one’s own shades and gradations of shades with one or more HIGH VOLTAGE™ dyes plus making pastel shades from one’s favorite colors. Revolutionary!
PSYCHEDELIC SUNSET™ is a scintillating orange that gives off  heat. This brilliant color reminds one of sitting on the grass after an outdoor concert during the summer of love.
SUNSHINE™ is as yellow as the summer sun. Supermodel Chloe Norgaard rocked yellow hair on the runway, inspiring trend followers round the globe to cry out for lemon colored locks. Manic Panic® is spreading oodles of SUNSHINE™ with this latest shade!
VAMPIRE’S KISS™ is a deadly shade of sanguine red that is suitable for a lighthearted creature of the night™.
VENUS ENVY™ will transform the wearer into an instant goddess of love. This coveted, magical
shade of green is worthy of worship.
VIOLET NIGHT™ is a bright electric purple. Looks amazing in the daylight, don’t just wait for the night to fall to wear it out. Violet is the color most commonly associated with the extravagant, the individualist, and the unconventional...... How about you?

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