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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jared Leto with his MANIC PANIC Red Passion Hawk!

Actor/musician Jared Leto, now on tour with his band 30 Seconds to Mars, twittered this awesome photo of himself with his recently dyed his MANIC PANIC Red Passion hawk. In a very cute series of tweet photos he posted his blonde "before" pik and a one of a table full of MANIC PANIC jars of hair color entitled "Decisions decisions......hmmmmm". Glad he chose the Red Passion - it looks great on him. Jared is such an incredibly good looking guy, he's gonna be drop-dead gorgeous with any and every hairstyle.
I'm also glad to see more and more people out there coloring their hair. It seems we've been very beige for a while. Time to get wild looking, I say! I love that Jared titled his haw photo " a new beginning..." We should have some new beginnings starting right this very moment - HAPPY EARTH DAY! Go vegan. Rumor has it Jared intends to change his hair color for every show. I hope he does it!
BTW doesn't his photo remind you of the handsome gent on our MANIC PANIC catalog cover (bottom right?)
- Gooby the MANIC PANIC Webmistress

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