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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Striped Hair and more!

Meet the lovely Traci from the band Kore who wears her hair in a rad striped style with MANIC PANIC Purple Haze™ hair color. In these photos she is also wearing MANIC PANIC Glitter Powder Shadows in Mystic Heather™ and Nightqueen™. If you didn't guess already, Mystic Heather is the purple and Nightqueen™ the teal color. I love that you can see how dense and striking these shadows look!
She also wears MANIC PANIC True Love™ Glam Lashes on her eyes. With her bangs and long locks she's pumping a psychedelic 60's mod look - updated of course! Very glamorous and rockin' I must say. I also love the background walls! MANIC PANIC sponsors many up and coming artists like Traci.
- Gooby MANIC PANIC Webmistress


  1. I love Mollie King's hair - loose curls and a chic length. Yet just when I think I've decided I'll go for the chop, I find myself looking longingly at the long hair.